Time to consider a remortgage? Find out why

Our Team

Jayson Wholey CeMAP, CeRER

Managing Director

Jayson has a strong background in finance that he combines with a genuine passion for achieving the best possible results for his clients. 

He has worked in the mortgage and financial advice fields for many years.  Combined with the time he has also spent in the legal field this makes him an ideal choice for complex mortgage applications.

Jayson established Cotswold Mortgage Advice Centre so he could help people who were struggling to get mortgages.  “Many people find that their circumstances do not meet the lenders’ requirements.  For example, they may be self employed and unable to give sufficient proof of income.  Others may be paying unnecessarily high interest rates but are unable to remortgage because their circumstances have changed.  But by taking a closer look at their financial status, and talking to lenders who we know specialise in particular fields, we can often help them to achieve their goal.”

Richard White CeMAP, CeRER, MBA

Finance Director

Richard has combined his financial knowledge with business acumen to set up several successful businesses.  He started his working life at Eagle Star, handling mortgages before becoming self-employed.  After selling on his previous two successful limited companies, he has now returned to mortgages, updating his qualifications and knowledge to ensure he can offer accurate and relevant advice.

Having been both a business owner and self-employed himself, Richard knows just how frustrating it can be to get a mortgage simply because you do not have enough long-standing evidence of income.  “Finding a lender who will treat you as an individual and look beyond the standard computer-generated criteria, taking a holistic view of your situation, is often the key to a successful mortgage application,” he said.   “We are there to take on all the research on your behalf, and provide you with a mortgage tailored to your specific needs.”