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Our Comprehensive Mortgage Service

As your chosen adviser in the sourcing, placement and completion of your mortgage application, we go the extra mile when assisting you with your mortgage requirements. By engaging Cotswold Mortgage Advice Centre you can assure yourself of a highly professional yet friendly approach right from your initial contact with us through to completion and beyond. We recognise that choosing the right mortgage adviser is an important decision. In selecting Cotswold Mortgage Advice Centre we are confident you will be making the right choice.

Initial meeting

  • Identifying your unique mortgage requirements
  • Establishing key mortgage selection criteria
  • Identifying your mortgage protection requirements

Explanation of market jargon

  • Clear and simple explanation of any confusing market terminology

Initial research

  • First stage research of the market to create lender shortlist considering:
    • Interest rate
    • Speed of processing
    • Customer Service standards
    • Other costs

Detailed research

  • Selection of appropriate lender based on up to the minute market analysis

Mortgage Protection requirements

  • Ascertaining the best products to cover your mortgage protection requirements
  • Implementing these requirements in conjunction with any existing arrangements you may already have in place

Application support

  • Assisting you in completing the mortgage application
  • Positioning your application for approval
  • Identifying and overcoming any problems that may arise
  • Assisting you in completing the mortgage protection paperwork

Application submission

  • Submitting your application and confirming receipt by lender

Application management

  • 48 hour follow-up service to keep your application on track
  • Dealing with any issues that may arise
  • Managing the Lender/Solicitor interaction

Solicitor management

  • Communicating with your Solicitor directly
  • Keeping the Solicitor on track
  • Managing the Solicitor/Lender interaction

The final completion service

  • Managing the completion process in the final 24 hours
  • Ensuring the appropriate insurances are in place at the right time

Additional Services

  • Access to our Independent Investment and Financial Planning Advisers